Monday, April 5, 2010

Chris's Post 4/6

It was such a nice afternoon yesterday, that I went down to Highland Park and walked around. It is the first week in April, and the daffodils and magnolias are out all ready. I took some pictures. Here they are!


  1. These pictures make me so excited for spring! I can't believe the daffodils are out like that already. Are the magnolias the blue flowers around the tree? I've seen lots of those lately! Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Chris!

  2. They are trees! (see pictures 3 & 4). The flowers (see picture 5) are crocuses, and, of course, daffodils (pictures 1 & 2).

  3. I was here this morning and the lilacs are starting to bloom! Will you be at Lilac Fest Chris?